Het is welbekend dat muziek en geur kan zorgen voor krachtige herinneringen. Deze performance combineert muziek en geur om specifieke herinneringen van objecten, locaties en meer terug te brengen.

Ga zitten en mediteer een uur met gesloten ogen en geniet van je eigen herinneringen.


It is well known that music and scents are powerful memory activators. 
This performance combines music and sent to bring back specific memories of objects, locations and more.
Sit back and meditate for an hour with closed eyes and enjoy your own memories. 

Created and Performed by Xavier Geerman




Xavier Geerman | Composer 

Xavier Geerman is a composer from Aruba. He is currently based in The Netherlands but he also brings his music everywhere he goes. He is currently finishing his bachelor’s degree in music composition. He already made an impact by having a premiere in the Concertgebouw of Amsterdam, an opera premiere at the national opera and ballet during the opera forward festival and many more. He was also nominated for the Jacques de Leeuw award of 2018 where he won a year contract at an atelier free of charge instead of the main prize. He is currently using this workspace to explore new possibilities for working with other disciplines. What can music mean for choreography? What can choreography mean for music? And what about the other art forms? Xavier has been working closely with choreographers for 2 years now and he is still learning many new things from these collaborations. He is currently also orchestrating music for Aruba, and making a new composition for a Harmony orchestra, and he will be performing at the Dwarsdriewer festival in Germany in May 2019. For more on Xavier visit his website: www.xg-music.com.


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Langestraat 13, 5038 SB

Tilburg, Netherlands 


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