Hear me to see you
Hear me to see you

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Hear me to see you
Hear me to see you

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Hear me 

SUNDAY 7 JULY 2019 16:30 & 17:30



Dansvoorstelling gebaseerd op gesprekken met mensen met een visuele beperking en de ervaring van geblinddoekt zijn. 

Hear me is een dansvoorstelling die mensen met of zonder visuele beperking uitnodigt om het met andere zintuigen dan zicht te ervaren. Het project begon als een onderzoek naar zowel visuele als auditieve beperkingen onder de titel Hear me to See you.  Vanwege de complexiteit van het onderwerp hebben we besloten om ons voorlopig te richten op de visuele beperking, een kostuum en een specifieke opstelling te ontwikkelen die mensen met een visuele beperking in staat stelt de beweging beter te begrijpen. 
Tegelijkertijd wordt de performer geblinddoekt en danst zonder te zien en volgt een muzikant deze persoonlijke reis waarin de danseres haar angsten en verlangens onder ogen ziet.



Dance Performance based on discussions with visual impaired people and the experience of being blindfolded. 

Hear me is a dance and music performance that invites people with or without visual impairment to experience it with other senses than seeing. The project started as a research in both visual and hearing impairment under the title Hear me to See you. Because of the complexity of the subject, we decided to focus for now in the visual impairment, and develop a costume and a specific set up that will allow people with visual impairment to understand the movement. 
At the same time the performer is blindfolded and dances without seeing and the musician follows this personal journey in which the dancer faces her fears and desires.


Choreography: Vicky Angelidou

Music Composition: Xavier Germaan

Performance: Vicky Angelidou & Xavier Germaan

Costume Design: Dean Mavridis




Vicky Angelidou | Choreographer

Vicky Angelidou (GR) is a dancer, choreographer and dance educator, based in between Netherlands and Greece, promoting with a full heart the love for learning and creating through movement. She holds Bachelor degree in Psychology and Dance and she holds an MA in "Performing Public Space". She is researching movement and performance that is connected with social issues and that happens in unconventional places. She teaches contemporary dance technique and improvisation and educates dancers through intensive workshops.

Through an artistic research she created the interactive performance Move the Public Space (2017-18) that was presented in public spaces in Greece, Belgium and Netherlands. She co-created the performance Hear me to See you with the composer Xavier Geerman that was presented in Mariengaarde and Ateliers (Tilburg, 2018). She choreographed Crush (2017) that was presented in Die Wolke Theater (Thessaloniki), 2nd Diko mou Festival Xorou and in PK Theater (Athens), the performance Flex (2016) that was presented in 1st Diko mou Festival Xorou, in 15th Hellenic Festival of Choreographers and in the Kefallinias Theater (Athens), the video dance SKOURIES (2015) presented in 5th Athens Video Dance Project (Athens) and Dimitria Festival (Thessaloniki). 

She danced a Passing Through improvisation together with 34 dancers in the Contemporary Theater (Athens, 2015) and together with 69 dancers in the Municipality Theater of Corfu (2018). She collaborated with 7 dancers creating a residency in Bratislava and dancing a Passing through improvisation 11 ways to make soup (Studio 12, Bratislava, Slovakia, 2018). She choreographed the Video Dance Chromosoma (8th Athens Video Dance Project, 2019) collaborating with Sonia Kehagia.  

She keeps on training herself mainly in the Passing Through and Flying Low technique with David Zambrano, and she attended the EXIN one month intensive in Corfu, Greece and the PTO one month intensive in Catania, Italy. She is also influenced by the work of Depth Movement (Edivaldo Ernesto), by Gaga (Ohad Naharin), and several other compositional practices that through the years shaped her way of moving and thinking. 

Xavier Geerman | Composer 

Xavier Geerman is a composer from Aruba. He is currently based in The Netherlands but he also brings his music everywhere he goes. He is currently finishing his bachelor’s degree in music composition. He already made an impact by having a premiere in the Concertgebouw of Amsterdam, an opera premiere at the national opera and ballet during the opera forward festival and many more. He was also nominated for the Jacques de Leeuw award of 2018 where he won a year contract at an atelier free of charge instead of the main prize. He is currently using this workspace to explore new possibilities for working with other disciplines.


What can music mean for choreography? What can choreography mean for music? And what about the other art forms? Xavier has been working closely with choreographers for 2 years now and he is still learning many new things from these collaborations. He is currently also orchestrating music for Aruba, and making a new composition for a Harmony orchestra, and he will be performing at the Dwarsdriewer festival in Germany in May 2019.


For more on Xavier visit his website: www.xg-music.com.